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Nutritious Tiger Nuts Milk

Find out how tiger nuts can improve your health and well being.

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Incorporated in 2017, Bigfarm foods is focused on providing local, value-added products and quality agricultural services that meet the  basic needs of the populace through production of premium quality food products in Nigeria for Nigerians at home and in the diaspora.

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Smallholder farmers
Growing yams
Plantain Flour
We are guaranteed a sustainable and consistent supply of superior quality ingredients from our farms and global partners.

Yam is one of the major food source at Bigfarm Foods. Our gluten free Yam Flour (Elubo) and Pounded Yam Flour are made from high quality yams from our smallholder farmers.


Without preservatives or artificial colours, green unripe plantains, directly from our farms, are made into flour retaining all its nutrients, taste and aroma.


With high fibre contents and similar to whole grains, nuts and fruits, tigernuts help to keep the gut happy, improving digestion, reducing cholesterol and enhance glycemic control.

Smallholder Farmers
Smallholder Farmers
Unique locally made products
Unique locally made products
Acres of cultivated land
Acres of cultivated land
How much do you know about nutition?

Nutritional Blog

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